Geoff Arsenault

Musician & Illustrator

Painting by Bernadine Arsenault

Painting by Bernadine Arsenault

Drummer, singer, songwriter, performer, and illustrator GEOFF ARSENAULT is a uniquely talented, multifaceted artist with a funky, soulful sensibility.  A long-time collaborator with musicians ranging from Ray Bonneville to Dutch Mason, Mary Jane Lamond to Thom Swift, Arsenault’s two solo albums, “This Ain’t No Fiction” and “Voodoo Baby Rattle” have been celebrated by fans and critics alike.

Multiple nominee and winner of the 2006 best drummer in the national Maple Blues Awards, Arsenault is known for his generous and harmonious style and distinctive musical contributions to multiple genres.

Of the music he’s writing and performing, all I can say is WOW!! This is as good as it gets...
— the CBC’s Glenn Meisner

“I’m supportive but I can dictate sound and 'groovedom' from the drums,” says Arsenault.

His collaborators agree: “Over the years he has taught me a whole lot about groove,” said blues musician Morgan Davis “He’s a world-class player and a great companion in music as well as friendship.”

When Arsenault is not recording, collaborating or touring, you can find him at his Prospect, N.S. home with his wife Berni, creating groovy and fantastical line drawings and enjoying their home by the sea.