Geoff Arsenault

Musician & Illustrator

Geoff Arsenault is an East Coast institution, playing drums for anyone who’s anybody and spreading his talents across multiple genres of music.
— Eric Thom

”If you want a good band, hire Geoff and some other fellas.”

— Brian Bourne

“Geoff is one hellava drummer. I heard a few of his songs years ago. I told him I’d love to produce him if the opportunity arose.”

— Colin Linden

"Geoff Arsenault is the best drummer I have ever played with in my forty years as a professional musician, and I know that any musician who has played with him would say the same thing. You couldn't ask for a better guy to be on the road with. I have asked him to play on three of my last four recordings and I am always thrilled with what he plays! Geoff has a great sense of humor and is as positive as can Geoff Arsenault...! "

Ray Bonneville

“I have three favorite drummers in Canada. Geoff is one of those.”

Michael Wrycraft

Geoff is one of the finest musician I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is the consummate professional weather in the studio recording or touring shows  . I've been fortunate to do several of my albums with him and tour extensively over the years. He's the best!

— Thom Swift

Geoff Arsenault played in my band in Toronto from the late 80’s to the mid 90's. Since I moved to Nova Scotia in 2000, I have continued our relationship and we work together wherever possible, notably at Bearly’s in Halifax, where we have played a regular Thursday gig for the past three years. He is by far the most musical drummer I have ever worked with. Over the years he has taught me a whole lot about groovy. Geoff is also a songwriter and singer, possessing a unique voice and writing roots-oriented original material. He’s a world-class player and a great companion in music as well as friendship.”

— Morgan Davis

"I consider it a privilege anytime I have Geoff on stage with me. No matter how good the band is, Geoff always makes us sound better.  He’s the best at bringing out the true groove in any song”

— Matt Andersen

“Geoff’s stuff is very good. If only he sang in Gaelic. The first drummer I would consider calling.”

Mary Jane Lamond